Women that Fish: Phenomenal Fisherwomen

Many imagine fishing as a sport that middle-aged or retired men enjoy at their leisure; maybe they’ll bring their sons along, hopefully bagging a bite that’ll make for a tasty dinner. But since it’s Women’s History Month, we want to break that illusion and give some attention to the fisherwomen out there who are totally killing it. More and more women are coming forward in their love for the great outdoors and angling to destroy these previously conceived notions, and it’s about time we focus some attention on them for their efforts.

Marianne Huskey

Marianne Huskey.

Not sure who has the bigger smile here. [Image: http://www.fishingdad.com/]

History was made in the fishing world when Marianne Huskey took home the Anglers Insight Marketing Angler of the Year award as she was the first woman to ever win it. The award is given to a fisherman (or fisherwoman!) who acquires the most points over the course of a season, and in 2012, Huskey beat out all the other fishermen who were competing for the prize. The year prior, Huskey also received the Dave Anderson Sportsman of the Year award, which is awarded to anglers who promote the sport best and act professionally in competitions. You go, girl!

Pam Martin-Wells

Pam Martin-Wells.

One fish, two fish… [Image: http://espn.go.com/]

Pam Martin-Wells has won a slew of awards for her accomplishments in fishing, including 22nd place in the 2010 Bassmaster Classic, the WBT Championship (Classic), the 2010 Lady Bass Championship, and 25 Time Classic Qualifier. She’s also been recognized as the Women’s All-Time Leading Money Winner and Time Angler of the Year in 1994, 1995, 2005, 2009, 2011, 2013, and 2014 and has been inducted into both the Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame and the Decatur County Sports Hall of Fame. She clearly has a lot of experience in fishing, having spent her entire life doing so, and is sure to keep making strides for women in the sport.

Sheila Penfold

Sheila Penfold.

Sheila hugging one of her record-breaking catfish. Is there really a more appropriate response to hooking a monster like this? [Image: http://neveryetmelted.com/]

Included mostly because this is just a really fun and inspiring story. Sheila joined her husband Alan on a few fishing trips and ended up catching two record-breaking catfish. The best part? She’s partially blind and had only about four years of experience! In 2009, Sheila hooked a 214-pound catfish in Barcelona, the largest ever caught by a woman. The next year, she went on to catch 192-pound albino catfish, which was the largest of the rare species to ever be caught. Pretty damn impressive if you ask us!

Stephanie Choate

Stephanie Choate.

Champagne = totally warranted here. [Image: http://internationalfishingnews.blogspot.com/]

Following in her father, Tim Choate’s, footsteps, Stephanie has been fishing since she was young. She worked hard at being a fisherwoman worthy of looking up to, and eventually asked her dear old dad for tips on tournament fishing. And that’s when the opportunities really piled up for her. Stephanie has fished marlins in the Marshall Islands, attended ILTTA angler-based tournaments in Costa Rica and Puerto Rico, caught bluefins in Nova Scotia, and way more. Not only is she invested in the fishing world, but she’s also heavily into conservation efforts as she’s seen the negative effects of overfishing and longlining. Stephanie is still making amazing strides in both fishing and preservation, donating most of her winnings to IGFA and Wild Oceans.

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