10 Reasons to Start Hunting

White-tailed deer [Image: www.lehighvalleylive.com]

White-tailed deer [Image: www.lehighvalleylive.com]

Hunting season is around the corner. Here are ten reasons why you should consider hunting for your food this year:

1. Game animals are a natural public resource managed by state fish and wildlife agencies who in turn are funded by your tax dollars. Many of these animals live on public land. It’s the closest thing to having food on tap, only taking a deer isn’t as easy as turning on the faucet.

2. There are no checkout lines, price tags, spills on aisle 4, crying babies, etc. in the forest.

3. You inherited an old rifle but it’s sitting in the attic collecting dust. Hunting rifles haven’t changed much in the last 100 years, so assuming everything is in working order, grandpa’s gun will do the job just fine. Have a gunsmith check the gun out before firing it.

4. There is no meat as local, fresh, or free-ranging as the deer in the hills behind your house. Head for the hills.

5. Hunting is a rich sensory experience. The outcome of your hunt depends on how you interpret the sensory data presented by your environment. Hunting puts you in touch with your body in ways that modern life simply cannot.

6. When you buy a steak from the market you’re only entitled to a small portion of the animal. But if you fill a deer or elk tag, you’re entitled to the whole thing. Animal hides are beautiful and provide warmth. Antler and bone can be used for knife handles, lamps, or decoration.

7. Because you like doing things that are difficult. If you think taking an animal as quick, nimble, and alert as a deer with a modern bow or rifle is easy think again.

8. The venison roast you brought to the potluck is gone in 10 minutes. Now you feel like a boss.

9. Hunting forces you to assume the full responsibility of eating meat. To be responsible for an animal’s death is a powerful and humbling experience.

10. There’s a moment after you’ve settled into your spot or treestand when the birds forget about your presence and you literally disappear. Then the sun begins to rise. It’s sublime.

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  8. Bobby Stevenson

    Hunting is were u get the best food to eat it doesn’t have all those steroid s or hormones in there body’s


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